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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


October 13, 2015
3:00 PM
Mayor Mary Schneider called the meeting to order.  
Present: Mary Schneider, Mayor and Chairperson
Rusty Wells, Commissioner of Public Works
John Singler, City Attorney
Chris Crumpton, City Engineer
Roderick Brown, Resident
James B. Egner, Inverness
Chris Dickinson, Resident
Ray Madore, Inverness
Earl Hubbuch, Resident
Tom Sherman, Resident
Ken Towery, Resident and Business Owner
Ed Wilson, Resident
Marilyn Parker, Metro City Councilwoman
Mayor Schneider called to order the second meeting of the Hurstbourne Storm Water Advisory Committee.  The meeting was called for the presentation and discussion of storm water issues, research data findings and possible remedies.  
City Engineer Chris Crumpton went over what the Committee previously discussed on the storm water model as well as other locations that have been identified to help with the reduction of storm water.  He went through a Power Point presentation entitled “Goal for 25% Storm Water Reduction” and explained how they came to that goal.  He stated that the model looks at different storm water events and tells you what the water surface elevation is from that event.  Some of the areas of concern have more water coming into it than others do; for instance, about 2/3 of the water comes into the City through Plainview.  Therefore, they decided they could not only look at ways to control the water within Hurstbourne but also to increase the storage or limit the amount of water coming from Plainview.  It would also be important that any solution to a problem does not cause another one downstream.    
Mr. Crumpton went over several areas that have flooding issues, and mentioned potential storage basins to assist in storm water storage in some of those areas.  There was discussion about maintenance issues in some of the drainage ditches and how to get MSD involved in cleaning out these areas, perhaps through an interlocal agreement with them or a cost/share arrangement.
Mr. Crumpton explained that MSD is putting together an addendum specific to the City of Hurstbourne identifying some of the drainage problems and possible solutions.  While that doesn’t guarantee any funding, it does identify priorities set by MSD and the probability they will help with the solutions.  
Mr. Crumpton said the intention is to get back with MSD to determine a date when they will return to Hurstbourne to identify areas where they have improved or plan to improve some of the problem areas. 
Commissioner Rusty Wells went over a list of causes for the flooding issues and referred to Mr. Crumpton’s short-term and long-term solutions to some of these issues.  Causes included: torrential rains, saturated ground, increased development, upstream/downstream limitations, and run-off from I-64.  Specific problems were identified as: Marlboro/Whitegate, Rugby, Nottingham (across Muirfield), Denington Dr. at Westerham and 8800 block, Colonel Anderson, and South Lyndon Lane.  There was discussion about possible short-term and long-term solutions, and a definitive timeline for MSD’s solutions and action plan and possible partnerships with MSD, Louisville Metro, Jeffersontown, and other entities.  
Metro Councilwoman Marilyn Parker said she would be discussing this matter, but emphasized that any financial assistance would have to be provided for in their annual budget.  Commissioner Wells emphasized that Hurstbourne would work with MSD in an effort to have some maintenance done in the city’s ditches and culverts.  
Mayor Schneider asked the Committee members to refer further questions or suggestions to the City office for review and discussion.  She will send a letter to MSD for a commitment as to when they will follow-up with Hurstbourne and to invite them to the October 27 City Commission meeting.  The Committee members will be notified by e-mail and a REACH Alert will go to all City residents advising them of this meeting.
After additional discussion, and there being no further business to come before the Committee, the meeting of the Hurstbourne Storm Water Advisory Committee was adjourned at approximately 3:55 p.m.