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Commission Meeting

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
April 10, 2018


APRIL 10, 2018
Mayor Mary Schneider called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.
C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call.  A quorum of the Commission was present.
Present: Mary Schneider, Mayor 
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Norb Hancock, Commissioner
Earl Hubbuch, Commissioner 
Lois Wagner, Commissioner
Present: John Singler, City Attorney
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Mary Schneider.
Mr. Bill Bardenwerper, Mr. Carl Goertemoeller, Mr. Michael Copfer, and Mr. Kevin Young addressed the Commission regarding the future Vikings Development. The plans for the development were discussed, reviewed, and granted by the Louisville Planning and Zoning Board. However, the original design was based on a suburban center retail and the current plan is for a town center design; therefore, it was necessary to apply for variances. The waivers consisted of granting front door parking to face Hurstbourne and secondary access to the hotel onto Whittington. Also, parking was granted on Hurstbourne side in the existing parking lot. A waiver was granted so that the developer did not have to build a masonry wall because it cannot be seen from the berm on Hurstbourne Parkway side. Finally, a waiver was granted allowing parking to remain on the front side of the building. Mr. Bardenwerper stated that these variances were necessary to meet today’s code.  Commissioner Jackson asked if the easement access rights could be mailed to City Attorney John Singler. There will be further discussion about the development at the April 24, 2018 Commission meeting.     
Ms. Jo Anne Feldman, 8809 Denington Drive, asked why there is no grocery store being included in the development. Mr. Goertemoeller assured her that several major chains had been approached but there appeared to be no interest. 
Mr. Edward Schadt, 9201 Whitegate Court, expressed several concerns to the Commission: The erosion on his property which may lead to building a retaining wall. He thanked the Mayor, Commission and Administration for a letter he received a year ago after he made an appearance at a Commission meeting. He then stated that streets, curbs, and gutters are still eroding. While he appreciated the Junk Pick Up day, he has concerns that junk will still be sitting out at certain residence. He requested the next newsletter include a notice about parking in the driveway and blocking the sidewalks. Finally, he requested that speeders monitored by Police more closely on Nottingham and he proposed a stop sign be installed at the intersection of Nottingham and Marlboro Circle. 
Commissioner Wagner made the motion that the minutes of the March 27, 2018 regular meeting be approved. Her motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson; motion carried unanimously. 
No report.
Investment Committee: No report.
HSWAC Committee: No report. 
Road Closures Report:
City Attorney John Singler reported that he followed up with the agency comments regarding the road closures. Their issue was with notice as part of the comment, so he sent notices and refiled it with the planner. The next step is a change to the plats that will need to be performed by City Engineer Chris Crumpton and then resubmitted.  
Landscape Committee Report:
C. A. O. Jim Leidgen presented an overview of a landscape plan created by the Landscape Committee. In this plan, he discussed various concepts of primary plantings with a plant schedule.  He further explained that in certain target areas which have urns, they will be prepared with spring plantings to better showcase the City. Commissioner Jackson stated that it would be nice to include fall plantings in next year’s budget.   After some discussion about what types of flowers and possible bushes to plant, Commissioner Jackson made a motion to implement the plan presented by Mr. Leidgen if it stays within the budget; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner. Motion passed 3-0-2 with Commissioners Hubbuch and Hancock abstaining.         
Website Upgrade: No report.  

City Picnic: No report
Mayor Schneider stated there have been inquiries regarding the condition of the large barrier fence located on Linn Station Road inside Oxmoor Woods. In the past, the City has taken the responsibility of repairing it. Two bids were distributed and reviewed to gain approval at the next Commission meeting. After discussion regarding painting or replacement of the fence, City Attorney John Singler recommended the lower bidder review and provide his professional opinion on the type of materials he will use. This information should include the condition of the fence and the Commission will use this data to make their decision.  
Commissioner Hancock asked about the wall at Wessex Place and who is ultimately responsible for determining its safety and if it needs to be dismantled. C. A. O. Jim Leidgen explained that the entrance structure is the responsibility of the City because the Wessex Place Town Homes are zoned as single family dwellings, the wall and columns are not on common-owned property and were built on a right-of-way. Commissioner Hancock asked that the structures condition be inspected prior to having the lights replaced.  Mr. Leidgen replied that he would have the wall inspected and follow up with him. 
PUBLIC SAFETY – Commissioner Hancock
Commissioner Hancock asked if additional hours could be added to the current police patrols. After discussion about the budget, Mr. Leidgen agreed to meet with Commissioner Hancock to determine the remaining Public Safety budget for this fiscal year.     
PUBLIC WORKS—Commissioner Hubbuch
No report. 
Commissioner Jackson distributed an exclusive listing and commission agreement from KW Commercial for Suite 204 located at 200 Whittington Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky 40222. He explained the only changes came in forms of minimum commission paid and units available for marketing. The amount was reduced from $2000 to $1000 and available space dropped from 2 suites to 1 suite. He asked for the Commission’s approval for the mayor to sign the contract so that the rental sign can be placed outside. Commissioner Wagner moved to accept the contract; her motion was seconded by Mayor Schneider. Motion carried unanimously. 
No report. 
ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
City Attorney Singler stated that he will draft an approval order for the Viking’s Development and will circulate it prior to the next Commission meeting. He invited the Commission to add or delete any comments. The list will state “No parking on Whittington Parkway” and include binding elements regarding maintenance at apartment complexes. Commissioner Wagner asked that no construction vehicles be permitted to drive through the City (residential area) other than Whittington Parkway. 
For discussion purposes only, Mr. Singler distributed an ordinance draft which creates a restricted account to hold funds to be used for drainage improvement projects in the City of Hurstbourne. He explained that there shall be $100,000 budgeted annually for drainage improvements and any amount that remains unspent shall be transferred into the separate bank account of the Hurstbourne Drainage Improvement Fund. The Commission would determine and authorize C. A. O. Jim Leidgen how much of transfer from the City’s current cash reserves into the bank account after the end of each fiscal year.  There will be further discussion on this ordinance at future meetings.   
CITY ENGINEER—Chris Crumpton
No report.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Bennett
No report.
C. A. O. Jim Leidgen introduced an overview of a proposed grant program where the City of Hurstbourne would provide matching grants to homeowners to mitigate flooding of their homes due to major rain events. He further explained this would be a 50% matching grant program where in order to qualify, homeowners would have to meet certain established. The approval process would include review and recommendations from the Storm Water Advisory Committee including the C.A.O. and City Engineer. Final recommendations would then go before the full Commission for approval. As there are several steps to this process yet to be determined, there should be additional discussions at future meetings. Mr. Leidgen also added that other cities have implemented this process and found it to be successful. Commissioner Jackson added that he liked the concept but would like to see the criteria. 
C. A. O. Leidgen presented his management report and discussed the upcoming Oxmoor Woods H.O.A. meeting on April 24, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. 
The City Shredding event will occur on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. until noon.
The large banner at the Vining’s apartments has finally been removed. 
The City’s irrigation system was turned on and a designated employee from Pro-Turf is very familiar with the system. Leidgen and Pro-Turf will be working on the computer-app features and controls over the next few weeks.
At 6:47 p.m. Commissioner Jackson made the motion to adjourn. His motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner; motion carried unanimously.